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Meet Our Team


Carrie Kinsey, CPM, LM

Midwife, Owner

     After my five different birth experiences, I felt called to help other women on their journey of pregnancy, birth, and postpartum care. Coming alongside their choice between a hospital birth or home birth. If a hospital birth was your choice I'm available to support you as a doula. Helping you make informed decisions when it comes to hospital procedures as well as being emotional and physical support. If a home birth were your choice I would come alongside you to help meet your needs and choices for your best birth outcome, as your provider giving you full pregnancy, birth, and postpartum care. Making your family's journey my priority.

     I am a Certified Professional Midwife and am licensed in the state of Arizona. Prior to this, I had been apprenticing for 11 1⁄2 years with a wonderful local midwife. I have attended over 150 births, done hundreds of prenatal visits, newborn exams, as well as postpartum visits. I've co-taught birth classes and helped many with breastfeeding difficulties.

     As a midwife, I believe you're not just another number. I believe that actually we are the ones who are privileged that you choose to invite us on this very personal and intimate journey of
your life.


Lauren Stone,


Hello, my name is Lauren and I love birth! I live with my sweet husband Brian and our two cats and two dogs. I love to garden food and flowers, make things from scratch, and spend time with my family who lucky for me, all live locally. I’m a big fan of anything that slows life down and allows for deep breaths.

  I’ve always had a love for working with families and children with my background being in education and then when my first niece was born at home in 2016 I stumbled upon this passion for serving women and children in a different capacity. The way my sister was supported in all her choices, encouraged to trust her body, and loved wholly by every person on her team lit a fire in me to be a part of helping other women have the choice to experience the same. I believe that birth is a normal, natural function of our bodies and should be approached as so. Our bodies were divinely designed for this, you are already equipped with exactly what you need to birth exactly how you want to. It’s one of my greatest honors to come along on your unique journey!   


My name is Charisse and I'm a mom of 7 A wife to Kyle.
(I've been capturing beautiful stories for 10 years as a photographer)

With each of my own unique births, I've felt the desire to dig deeper

and trust my own body; knowing that I've been lovingly crafted and created

to do one of the most powerful and honoring things in this world..
give birth.

I believe pregnancy, birth and postpartum is a sacred time in

a woman's life that should be honored, protected and supported Fear

has no place in our lives and especially birth.

I have so much more to share and am excited to get
to know you individually.

Charisse Hammer,


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